Horses collide with dogs and fantasy, but which will you be?
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 Scarlett Star the evil Beautiful mare

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PostSubject: Scarlett Star the evil Beautiful mare   Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:01 am

~Age --> 2and a half

~Color--> Changes with mood

~Eyes -->Scarlett sometimes violet

~Markings --> Scarlett star on shoulder

~%Curently In Heat ~%

Temperment --> Sassy , Sometimes shy , very evil , does not back down , smart wise , hard-to-get ,hot and she knows it ,cold hearted -

Powers -->Fireproof , Can kill and injure telpathicly , Can heal herself and others , Can read minds and change moods , venomous, can tell the future , Can turn inviable , super strength , light speed

Picture ~ (She is not a unicorn but I really liked this pic so try to picture it without the horn lol )

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Scarlett Star the evil Beautiful mare
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